Who is this multifaceted Man?

One fine evening, I had this thought to write about this person. Once I have a thought in my mind and if I don’t accomplish the task, I will have to face sleepless nights ahead. So, the first thing I did before conveying about this great personality about whom you are about to read is, inform or pacify my mind that, “Please be calm. Hang on. Hang on. I am writing about him.”

There are some names in this world which by default is a brand, not just because of the personality they possess but also because of the scope of pronunciation of their names as if we are singing a song. Some names like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Swami Vivekananda, Adolf Hitler. Whether you know anything about them or not, by default their name is a brand. Spare my foolish observation, if at all you find it so.

This person equally deserves such a brand name. And I hope he does. I wish there comes a day, when people explore his potential for their good. So here we go, enough of beating around the bush. Let me introduce, the one and only, ARUN DINESH.

Ye ye, you can have some Clapping sound in the background.

The first thing I want to convey about Arun is his voice. It’s obvious when we interact with someone, we witness a conversation with the personality. But when with Arun, you will witness the voice of Arun reaching you first and then the personality, such is the throw of his voice along with voice quality, a voice of authenticity.

Let me share everything about Arun or rather whatever I know about his wonderful journey till this date. Arun was part of a pop band at the age of 19 which had a good fan following specially in Cochin, despite not having the right exposure or any kind of backup. Those days the songs where compared to that of the Tamil movie Boys with those trend setter songs like Secret of Success, Dating, Ale Ale, Girlfriend etc. And also it was unfortunate that there were disputes between the band members and failed to capitalize the quality of their music.

Arun wanted to start fresh and left Cochin towards Bangalore and completely engaged himself with multiple jobs and simultaneously attending tuitions from Bangalore University. Within 4 years, Arun emerged as a Senior HR Recruiter. During those times, Arun was consulted by many Job Seekers who needed some grooming and word of the mouth advocacy demanded his assistance in grooming models and from there, actors too.

By 2009, Arun was convinced that he would be able to succeed as a Anthropologist than anything else. Arun’s efforts to get a Certification was not recognized for it was only a Diploma and not a Post graduate program.

Arun never paid attention to hurdles and would always climb above it. Arun excelled in Anchoring and even hosted shows for Ten Sports like Spelling Bee and some major brands too.

By this time, Arun was already a Personality Groomer, Stunt Director, Movie Director and Sports Trainer. Now for the past 4 years, Arun has more work in the movie industry as a Groomer.

One thing Arun is known for is he will never go against ethics and jokingly he has told me that he has been kicked out by some companies and individuals who literally want to fool people for their selfish interests as Arun would convey his BIG NO outright.

You can contact Arun Dinesh for any assistance mentioned above!

Ring ring :+91 9562422537



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