First Secret Anti — Illuminati Conference ( now public)

The final bit of the conference…….

And the speech starts with the last speaker.

“The best is reserved for the last and I hope that my speech turns best for you all, who want to find solace by understanding the unshakable truth that “the Illuminati” is nothing but peanut and trust me, it is.”

Illuminati is nothing less than “Charlie Chaplin”, of course, a genius but mistaken as Adolf Hitler. Whether or not you agree with it, both of them, the one who created comedy and the other who created tragedy would never be able to do so without the will of God. What comes, what stays, what creates, what destroys, what smiles, what laughs, what cries, what runs, what walks, what goes, What hurts, what flies, what returns, what damages, all of them, all of those minute acts of every living and nonliving being is being decided by a King. And the king’s name is not an Alistair Crowley or Alice Bailey or an Adam Weishaupt. The name is God. Come what may Say what may Do what may, my stand on this matter is as firm as a rock. Nothing happens, not even an ant moves without the will of the god.

It is his play, he is the director of the movie named LIFE, and he decides what each character should do and not do. So, it is very popular that some person x or y was killed by the so-called Illuminati as being validated by several hidden truths or being portrayed as the truth by several people and organizations who closely watched and realized it as a conspiracy. Whatever may be the case. you can always find the word “Allegedly”. Allegedly the artist was killed by Illuminati, or the politician was killed by the Illuminati, be it the Michael Jackson or a Bruce Lee or an Elvis Presley or a John F Kennedy or an Amy Winehouse or a Princess Diana and so and so and so and so with an Allegedly inclusion in the inverted commas.

Have you ever been troubled when you see in the Newspaper or on the Television when hundreds or thousands die during a Tsunami or an earthquake or a flood or a tornado or a Volcano? All you can do is watch the Television or read the newspaper, that is all! You are helpless and the Illuminati too. Because you know that it is not in your hands. I welcome the Illuminati to take the responsibility of Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc! Anyone from any corner of the world can claim that it was Illuminati. And of course, they would love to get such a status in-spite of being Lilliput’s. I hope they are not offended. All I mean is if there is a movie called Life, there will be characters who play as that of a Hero and there will be characters who play as that of a Villain.

Tamarind Tree

Have you ever seen a Tamarind Tree? It is vast, isn’t it? But have you noticed its seed, it is tiny. Nobody has ever planted a vast tamarind tree but only the tiny seed. The seed after many years of various favorable and unfavorable circumstances evolves into a tree. But that is not the point which I want to convey. My stress is on the fact that it is inscribed in every seed in detail that for how much time it should take to grow and how must vast it should be and also its time to get distinct. Everything and with that what I mean is all that is happening is being already inscribed in detail by the Ultimate or the Supreme or the Almighty. So if there comes a buffoon or rather a group of buffoons who say that we conspired to do it, it would not have been possible without the will of God. In short, it was inscribed way before your birth and so is the case with others as part of this whole Universe. It is foolishness to say Illuminati did it, although that foolishness in itself was inscribed in you by the Lord.

Let me conclude with a humble request to the Illuminati, although it is not in my hands, still, please don’t claim that the speech which I delivered just now is also their conspiracy. Let me also thank the Illuminati for all that they did in the past and I wish them the very best for all they intend to do now and all that they intend to do in the future.



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